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Elevate Your Baking Experience: Time to Upgrade Your Bakeware!

One of the first ways toxins get into our bodies are by ingesting them. The type of cooking and baking equipment you use could be leaching chemicals into your food each time you cook. 

Just as you need to be aware of all of the toxins in the ingredients you are using, there are also considerations to make with the type of bakeware you use.  

Here are a list of chemicals that are hazardous to human health and should be avoided:

1.  LEAD - This chemical damages the bodily easily and causes anemia, weakness, kidney and brain damage, damage to a developing fetus, miscarriages, still births and infertility in both men & women.

2.  NON-STICK COOKING (PFAS) - These are known as forever chemicals because once they get in your body they stay there forever. PFAS & PFC have been classified as carcinogens. They reduce immunity, increased risk of allergies & asthma, cause all kinds of fertility issues, increase risk of liver and testicular cancers, and cause thyroid and endocrine disruption.

3.  NANOPARTICLES - Found as a leaching particle in ceramic coatings. Cause immune system disruption and pre-cancerous legions in the gut. Their tiny size allows them to enter most areas of the body and wreak havoc.

4.  ALUMINUM - Found everywhere, including your sheet pans. It is a neurotoxin which means it can cause neurologic disorders like dementia but can also cause slow growth in children, speech problems, seizures, and system toxicity and bone and brain diseases. 

5.  PLASTIC - Plastics contain additives that include bisphenols (BPA, BPS) and phthalates which have been linked to obesity, diabetes, early puberty, hyperactivity in children, developmental delays, lower IQ, anxiety & depression, infertility, inflammation and cancers. They should NEVER be heated or used in the microwave or oven. 



What can you do to protect yourself and your family each time you bake?

Follow these steps:

  1. Assess what you own - Take out every baking pan that you own and place it on your counter.
  2. Keep or Toss? - Inspect each piece for any scratches or waring. If any are badly worn or scratched, have not been used for more than a year, or are no longer wanted, place them in a pile to toss. 
  3. Research what you have - click here to look up if your pan makes the cut or not. Then make piles according to how they rate, making sure to toss the worst rated ones. 
  4. Make a list -  Create a wish list of the best safe options and make a plan for buying anything you need as soon as you can.  I've create a freebie with a list here.
  5. Prioritize your purchases - Start by ordering just one pan like a sheet pan that you will use each time you bake. Then create a plan for when you can purchase other necessary items.
  6. Holiday Sales time - Take advantage of all the holiday sales going on right now so you can upgrade your bakeware!  Check out my favorites in this free download here.


Now that you know about the toxins lurking in your cookware and bakeware, I hope that you are empowered to make some changes. 

Remember, you do not need to throw everything out and start from scratch. Unless you want to of course! Even just changing out the main pan you use for healthier option will make a huge difference in your families' health. The changes and benefits may be subtle and maybe even unnoticeable but because these chemicals build up in our bodies over time, you are making your body cleaner and healthier and able to function properly by eliminating and reducing unnecessary toxins.